Thursday, February 18, 2010

SEIKO G757 Sports 100 instructions available through James Bond Watches

Another set of vintage SEIKO wristwatch instructions are now being hosted on the James Bond Watches website.

Actor Roger Moore wore a SEIKO Quartz LC (liquid crystal display) "Digital Type Calibre G757 Graphic Alarm Chronograph Sports 100" model as James Bond, Agent 007, through most of the action in the movie Octopussy (1983). Most fans will recall the important role it played in building tension to the circus sequence where a nuclear bomb was set to detonate if he didn't arrive in time to disarm it.

The exact watch that collectors are looking for is the calibre G757-5020, model WLK005.

Rare it is for these actual wristwatches to come available, new owners are often faced with a subsequent frustration as they try to figure out operation of acquired pieces sans original manufacturer instructions. is pleased to offer a solution. We are now hosting the complete 20-page English-language section of the SEIKO G757 instruction booklet on our main website. See "SEIKO wristwatch calibre number G757 operating instructions" on James Bond Watches for *.jpg page scans and a *.pdf version.

Enjoy your SEIKO James Bond watches!

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TheReviewer said...

Awesome collection of watches. I didn't even know there was such a line. Do you collect James Bond Action Figures ? There are some really great ones out there. You have to look far wand wide though. lol. Good luck. :)